Hello, I am Benedetta.

Independent journalist and filmmaker in NYC.
Sometimes in Iraq and Syria.
My articles in both US and Italy.
Co-directed Our War.
Also alumn

About me

My first assignment as an intern at a local tv station was to go to a crime scene in Rome, Italy. Two people died as a result of an exchange of gunfire. It was a summer job, and at that time I was still studying to obtain my BA in Fine and Decorative Art at Sotheby’s Institute of Art. I graduated six months later and abandoned my major in school to become a journalist in Italy.

I worked at Mediaset  and then as  a staff writer at Corriere della Sera in Italy. I  started as a metro reporter focusing on education and right wing extremism. When I moved to the website I covered foreign politics and I I travelled around Europe covering the major anti-austerity protests. I also reported from Iran and Cuba.

In 2013 I co-directed Capulcu Voices From Gezi, a documentary on the Istanbul revolt, which took place that summer. In August 2013, I came to New York to study journalism and politics at Columbia University as a Sanpaolo fellow. I got my MA degree in May.

Now I work as a freelance journalist focusing on national security,  military issues and social conflicts. I cover the Iraqi and Syrian conflict, for a list of articles please visit Portfolio.

In my free time I cook Italian food, walk my dog Giotto around Harlem and try to explore some more.


(Please do not send sexist messages, dating proposals or spam)

Our War – Documentary

The result of 14 months of work is Our War, a 68 minutes documentary which was presented at the 73 edition of the Venice Film Festival

Benedetta Argentieri

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