Gezi Park

Capulcu voices from Gezi is a collective documentary about Gezi Park revolt in early summer 2013. Started as a “resistance” to protect the park in Taksim Square, Istanbul, from the construction of a shopping mall, the “movement” spread to many different cities in Turkey after the police attacked peaceful protesters with rubber bullets and tear gas. We tried to give to Turks who were active during the revolt, the opportunity to tell their side of the story. We interviewed several people who had different views on society. For the first time, though, they were united to preserve Gezi Park. So far, they succeeded. At least seven people lost their lives during demonstrations, thousands were injured. All screamed against repression and solidarity arrived from all over the world.

The documentary won the Amnesty International Award in 2014. Please watch it and tell me what you think.

Our War – Documentary

The result of 14 months of work is Our War, a 68 minutes documentary which was presented at the 73 edition of the Venice Film Festival.

Benedetta Argentieri

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