Our War

Why do people join a foreign militia to fight a war that is not theirs? This was one the main questions we asked ourselves when we started thinking about this project. With Claudio Jampaglia and Bruno Chiravalloti — co-directors with me — we tried to answer but that wasn’t enough. We  wanted to go further, and take a step in an unknown direction. We started thinking of  the war in Syria in a different way and that it was way closer than anyone in Western world wanted to admit. As we went deeper into the subject of foreigners joining the battle against the so-called Islamic State, we decided not to take a stand on their decision but leave that judgement on the public.

The result of 14 months of work is Our War, a 68 minutes documentary which was presented at the 73 edition of the Venice Film Festival.

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You can watch the trailer on Vimeo.

Gezi Park – Documentary

The documentary won the Amnesty International Award in 2014. 

Benedetta Argentieri

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